Carbomer 934/974 powder

Being the leading Carbomer manufacturer in Ahmedabad, we are providing Carbomer 934/974 powder as well. The product is most suitable for the formulation of heavy gels. They also play an important role as a suspension and emulsion. It facilitates super stability to high viscosity and thick formulation for creams. Gels and emulsions. Moreover, the product is a benzene-free grade of Carbomer 934. Our versatile products are distributed worldwide and being the best Carbomer supplier we ensure to maintain quality.

Carbomer India

Use of Carbomer 934/974 Powder

We are the most prominent Carbomer manufacturer in India and the product has dynamic worth in various product development. Some most demanding products are like :

Opaque Gels

Cosmetic Creams

Hair Care Gels and Creams


Room Cleaners

Dish Cleaner Liquid

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