Carbomer 940 Manufacturers in India

The chemical name of Carbomer 940 Powder is polyvinyl carboxy polymer and generally used to enhance viscosity. It can also be used as either gelling or suspension agent. The material belongs to USP/NF grade and is a cross-linked polyacrylic acid. Experts use Carbomer 940 Powder in order to develop viscous liquids like cosmetic gels. Dev Internationals are the foremost Carbomer 940 manufacturers in Gujarat. Also, we have kept Carbomer 940 price as per the standard of the market so that the industry could afford it easily.

Furthermore, we never compromise with the quality of the product. This is the reason, we are leading in the list of carbomer 940 manufacturers in India.

Carbomer India

Use of Carbomer 940 Powder

The dynamic range of cosmetic products are developed with the help of Carbomer 940 Powder like All types of Gels like Face-Gels, Hair-Gels, Bath Gels, Moisturizing gels, and Hydroalcoholic gels,

Cosmetic Creams

Lotions for face, hand, and overall body

Sunscreen Lotion

Room Fresheners

Tooth Pastes


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