Carbomer 971/971p Powder

When it comes to Carbomer manufacturer in Ahmedabad, we are the exclusive vendor for all the industries. We have an extensive range of products and Carbomer 971/971p Powder is one of them. The product has been designed to enhance the viscosity of personal care products. In most cases, the synthetic material is used to develop cosmetic products like hydroalcoholic gels, lotions, and clear gels. We have experts having decades of experience and they follow all the protocols in order to develop the right product. Carbomer 971 is the benzene-free grade of Carbomer 941.

Carbomer India

Use of Carbomer 971/971p Powder

The product has great use in the beauty and chemical cleaning products such as

Hydroalcoholic Gels

Body and Face Lotions

Clear Gels

Dish cleaner liquid

Hand Sanitizers

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