Carbomer 980 Manufacturers in India

Carbomer 980 powder is a synthetic material that has been used to develop cleaning chemicals and all types of gel. Its structure is cross-linked and it offers high viscosity to hydro-alcoholic gels and creams. Carbomer 980 is from Carbomer 980 USP/NF grade and is the benzene-free grade of Carbomer 940. All types of Gels and Cosmetic Cream are developed with the help of Carbomer 980 powder. We always keep the market standards in mind while deciding the carbomer 980 price and hence people prefer to take our services. Also, we are a progressive carbomer 980 manufacturers in Gujarat as well as India.

Carbomer India

Use of Carbomer 980 Powder

The material has huge significance in creating products of various industries and that is why they are in huge demand. We are one of the leading carbomer 980 manufacturers in India. Let’s have a look over the applications of the material

Face Gels


Food Warmer Fuel Gels


Cleaning Chemicals

Bath Gels

Body Lotions

Hence if you are looking for carbomer 980 suppliers in India, we are your exclusive vendor.

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